The Inspiration. The Mystery. The Home.

A message from HGTV:

The Mystery Apartment

On first glance, this spacious apartment in NYC overlooking Central Park looks unremarkable, but you don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the clue is in its name, the Mystery Apartment.

Originally built in the 1020s this fifth avenue luxury apartment is home to the Carron family.

When they moved in 7 years ago, mum Maureen starting thinking about how buildings reflect something of the past.

Maureen decided that she wanted to leave a sense of how her family had lived in the apartment.

Maureen envisioned the family writing a poem and putting it in a jar in the wall so it could almost become a time capsule.

When Maureen raised the idea to her architect Eric Clough, he chose to take the idea to a whole new level.

The apartment’s renovation took 40 people 4 years to complete and the result – Eric had turned the whole apartment into one huge treasure hunt.

It all began when a mysterious letter showed up in the mail. Bit by bit the puzzle unravelled.

Behind regular wood panelling there was a secret place containing a beautiful book.

As the trail unfolded the family discovered more and more clues – all signified by the tell-tale sign of the salamander.

From covert cupboards to clandestine cubby holes, there were secret places all throughout the apartment.

But the family’s favourite treasure was a poem written by Dad:

‘Here the travellers, S & M

And the Children made from them,

C & K & O & E

Comprised a happy family,

And in these rooms of wood and stone,

Set forth to build a loving home’

Walls Within Walls – Nominated for the Blue Bonnet Award

Walls Within Walls – Nominated for the Blue Bonnet Award on YouTube!

Maureen was asked to address the students in Texas and answer some questions the students had for her. Click the link above to see what she had to say!

*The Texas Bluebonnet Master List is a list of 20 books which are chosen by the TBA selection committee each year. Texas students in grades 3 – 6 then have the opportunity to vote for their favorite title in January. The book receiving the most votes statewide receives the Texas Bluebonnet Award.